Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Try the New Flock Beta, Chromium Powered!

I've been using Flock version 2.x for quite some time now, and it is the default web browser on my Qosmio and Vaio laptops. I learned from the Flock Blog that there's a new Flock beta available for download!

flock logo
I wasn't sure what Chromium was, until now. (It's an open source web browser platform project led by Google.) Oh, so its code is based on the same being used by the Google Chrome browser!

My first thoughts on the New Flock:
  • Nice minimal design (baby blue border!)
  • Fast, but I think Flock v2 wasn't slow either
  • Posting status updates on Twitter and Facebook is fast!
  • No Blog Editor
  • No Email app
  • New Flock beta installs as a new app, so Flock v2 is still there! (This is fine with me.)
I actually use the Flock v2 Blog Editor for posting to my blog, and the Email app for my Google email. Anyway, I read somewhere that this could be remedied by downloading and installing some extensions. Will try that later.

For now, I will keep on using New Flock for the online socials, but will still retain Flock v2 for blogging. (^_^)

New Flock beta
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