Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sync Your Files in Real Time

Most of us work (or play) with multiple computers. Sometimes, we need to have access to that "particular file or document", but unfortunately, the one you have right now is not the updated version. (A slap-to-the-forehead moment!)

One solution is to use Google Docs, where we can edit and store our frequently used files in the cloud. When you are finished editing your document, you can download it to your computer. The problem comes when you forgot to download to your computer, or can't remember which computer you downloaded the latest version to. I found a neat solution! \(^_^)/

Syncplicity is an automated sync, backup, collaboration, and file management service. It lets you sync, backup, access, share, and manage your frequently used files and documents. And the cool part is, it also supports Google Docs!

What this means is that Syncplicity will synchronize my files in real time, whether I edit them on my computer, my *other* computers, or Google Docs. No more guessing as to which version is the most updated one, because all of them will be in sync! How cool is that? (^_^)

You can pick either the Personal Edition (Free or US$15/month) or Business Edition (US$45/month). The Free Personal Edition is limited to 2 computers and 2GB SyncStorage, where the Paid Personal Edition allows 5 computers, and up to 50GB SyncStorage space.

Syncplicity website
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