Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Convert Measurements Easily Online

Sometimes, we need to convert some units of measurement, but we don't know the proper conversion formula. We end up searching for the formula using our favorite search engine. The thing is, it does take time to do the 'research'. One website I recently encountered seems to have all the formulas needed conversions, like a one-stop shop of unit conversions. No more tedious searching on the web.

convert center

Convert Center has them all: Currency Rates, Fuel Consumption, Distance and Length, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume and Capacity, Mass and Weight, to name a few. So the next time you need to convert Celsius to Farenheit, Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour, or Kilograms to Pounds, or the other way around, you just need to point your browser to this great site! ^_^

Convert Center website

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