Wednesday, December 9, 2009

YoVille, Spymaster, and 140Mafia

Are you on Twitter and/or Facebook? Online social networking is fun, but it could be more fun if you play games using them.

On Facebook, my favorite game is YoVille ( It is an online virtual World which allows you to create your personal avatar, customize your home, chat with other players, play mini-games, and attend live events. One of my favorite tasks there is shopping for new clothes! (^-^)


Using Twitter, I play Spymaster ( and 140 Mafia (

Spymaster is actually based on both Twitter and Facebook. You can use any of the two to create your game account. In the game, you are a master spy who would need to complete tasks, buy equipment and safehouses, as well as attack other spymasters who are not your compatriots.


140 Mafia, on the other hand, is a game where you are a mobster, out to complete jobs, earn money, buy equipment and properties, and of course, grow your mob. You also attack and try to "kill" (or send to hospital) other players, gaining experience for leveling up, and some game cash if the victim has some out.


Of course, there are other good social games out there that utilize Facebook and/or Twitter, but the above mentioned three are my absolute favorites. How about you, what are your favorite social games?
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