Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oatmeal for Good Health

When I was a child, I always too lazy to have breakfast. I’m not sure if I had a poor appetite, or was just plain lazy to chew food in the morning. (I was told it was both. haha!!) Nana’s solution? Oatmeal!

rolled oats

I never outgrown the love for oatmeal. Not only is oatmeal easy to eat, and much to my surprise, it is also a healthy food.

  • It can help control your weight. It contains soluble fiber, which significantly slows down your digestive process.
  • It can reduce the risk of getting diabetes. The soluble fiber help control blood glucose levels.
  • It can and reduce heart disease risk. The soluble fiber helps remove bad cholesterol in our body.
  • It contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also a good source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and iron.
  • It is quick and easy to prepare, and readily available virtually in any food store or grocery.

Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some things I do with oatmeal:
  • Add some fruit. I usually love bananas, peaches, blueberries. These can be fresh or canned fruit. It’s just a matter of availability.
  • Add some cinnamon, maple syrup, or fruit jams and/or jellies.
  • And if you can afford to add some calories, put some of your favorite desserts in it!

Sure, boxed breakfast cereals are much easier to prepare (just add milk, right?), but even I can cook some quick oats. And I really can’t cook! (Which reminds me, my dad always asks me when I’d enroll in some cooking class… Soon..., I always say.)


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