Friday, December 4, 2009

Scarf or Snood? Try Both!

Recently, I’ve been browsing at the malls for new scarves. I came across snoods, which is like a rectangular scarf that you slip in thru your head to wear. Unlike traditional scarves, they are compact, and do not unravel easily from your neck.

folded snood worn snood

After hours of browsing and trying, I got the charcoal check snood, and a red check scarf. I just love them! (^-^)

Also, here are my humble guidelines for choosing scarves:

  • Match the scarf with your winter coat. If your coat is plain, get a patterned scarf, and vice versa.
  • Choose a fabric that is comfortable for your skin. My favorite is cashmere wool. Silk is nice too.

  • Go for color and/or pattern variation. Buying more than one scarf/snood with the same color and pattern is a waste of money, unless you just want the same old look, day in and day out. (^o^)

Keeping warm during the cold months is indeed fun! For me, being fashionable should also be comfortable.


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