Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Those days I cried in my pillow are a distant dream
Time goes by, I’m lost in the crowd, and my feelings wither away

With cold eyes, I only believed in things I could see
But then one day I held onto something intangible and fell asleep

With a voice that cannot speak, I gather up each emotion
That can’t be put into words
And hope to cast them towards your heart…

I’m alive, now I raise my voice like this
But it’s okay if you don’t notice
I’ve made it this far

“I’m right here,” I say as I form from a shadow
I want you to find me, I want you to trace my figure
Before the sun slips away

Light conquers darkness and I begin each day facing forward
Tell me that dreams in the night sky simply disappear

A smile that’s too sad, flowing tears from overwhelming joy
I’ll gather them all together
And hope to leave them imprinted in your heart…

I want to live, now I raise my voice like this
My emotions are overflowing
And you say you’ll accept my love someday

I want to feel as if I’m living inside you
Even if it means being the scenery of your world

I’m alive and someday when this voice is all that’s left
The person who notices
Will seek love and hold me in his arms

I’ll live, I’ll live and raise my voice
I’ll keep singing until I burn out
And weave my life into yours

I’m right here…

(translation of Koe song by Mika Nakashima)
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