Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 5 Reasons I Exercise

I saw a post about personal exercise motivators on kafe kat, my friend Katya's blog. Yes, we all do have similar reasons for exercise, but we also have some different reasons. Here are my own reasons:

  1. Strawberries and chocolate! - My favorite dessert is strawberries and chocolate. Even if it is fruit and usually sugar-free chocolate, it also has many many calories. I keep exercising so I can keep eating. Haha! ^o^
  2. It makes me feel good. - Of course your body gets painful sometimes after exercise, especially if you haven't done it regularly, or trying to increase your intensity. But when you get used to it, exercise makes you feel good. And it also helps a lot in making me look good in my favorite clothes. ^_^
  3. Another good reason to shop. - I love shopping, and the need for athletic wear is another good reason to go shopping! Also, with enough cardio exercise, I can last the whole day shopping, haha! ^o^
  4. Healthy competition. - My best friend Miki and I have a friendly competition going on. We compare exercise and training notes (and dress size, haha), and we usually joke around as to who is doing 'better'.
  5. I like to live longer and healthier. - They say health is wealth, and I agree. I think no amount of riches can replace a person's well being. ^_^
Happy exercising everyone! ^_~

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