Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miki's Mojito Recipe

During sleep overs at my apartment with my girl friends, we usually have the usual white and red wine in stock, as well as some soda, tea, and some other carbonated drinks. One time, Miki was feeling experimental and made us some mojitos, and it was great! ^_^ Here's the recipe of Miki's mojito:


150 ml sake
600 ml Ramune original (lemon-lime flavor carbonated softdrink)
60 ml fresh lime juice
15 or more mint leaves


- Using a big pitcher, mix the mint leaves with the lime juice. It is best to tear the mint leaves to release the mint flavor.
- Add the sake and Ramune to the pitcher, and stir well.
- Add lots of ice.

I hope you enjoy Miki's recipe for mojitos! ^_^
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