Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Improve Your Email Experience with Boxbe

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Email can be very overwhelming at times. Not only do we get tons of messages from friends and family, we also get bombarded with those unsolicited emails. Sometimes, we fail to take action on an important email, mainly because our Inbox is so full and disorganized. I came across a nice service that helps us improve our email experience! (^-^)

Boxbe.com helps us say goodbye to email overload. It is an email screening service that promises to reduce overload and prioritize email. What's great is that it works with the email providers most of us use, such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and AOL.

The service lets you create a "Guest List", which all your approved email senders are there. All emails from people on that guest list get delivered to your Inbox, while the rest will end up on the "Waiting List". This saves you time from pre-sorting all the emails on your inbox.

There is also a Junk Rating, where Boxbe rates the email on the waiting list on its possibility of being junk mail. This makes sifting thru your waiting list easier and faster.

I am still testing Boxbe, but so far, I'm absolutely loving it! (^-^)
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