Sunday, January 3, 2010

Help Fight Climate Change with Your Blog

350 challenge created a 350 Challenge, where they will purchase and donate 350 pounds of carbon offset for every blogger who posts the 350 Challenge badge on their site.

The initial goal was to sign up 350 bloggers, but Brighter Planet decided to open the challenge indefinitely. That means that as more bloggers post the badge, more carbon offsets will be purchased and donated.

I'm sure a lot of people want to help make our world a better place, or at least do something to help the environment. This is a great and easy way to contribute to the fight against climate change! Posting the 350 Challenge badge would only take a few minutes, and certainly would help Mother Earth. (^_^)

As explained, 350 pounds of carbon offset is like turning off 100 lightbulbs for a day, or going two full weeks without your car. Now that's a lot, considering that all you have to do is to post a badge on your site!

If you already joined the 350 Challenge, you could also read more about ways of taking control of your environmental footprint at the website. Helping the environment may seem a little too far fetched for regular people, but it is actually doable. Small contibutions, multiplied by many, would definitely have a positive impact.
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