Monday, January 3, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Miki and I were on our way to the hotel restaurant, when an elderly couple approached us. The woman was very excited to see me, and was already hugging me!

She told me that we met in New York, and was happy to see me again. The man (I assumed he was her husband) was continuously taking pictures of us (me and the woman). Miki offered to take some pictures of the three of us, and readily took the man's camera.

After the "photo shoot", the woman talked about how I was still a youngster when she last saw me. She said I have grown a lot since then, but I am still cute and pretty. (*blush*) Then she said she has all my albums... (ALBUMS? Uh oh, she thinks I'm a famous singer..!) At that point, I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted to tell them they were mistaken about who I was, but the constant hugging and talking didn't give me a chance!

The husband then interrupted, and told his wife that she should let go of me, so I could go where I was going already. They bid their goodbyes and good lucks, and thanked me for being very accommodating.

Miki and I then went inside the restaurant, me with a frozen smile on my face. Miki was already teasing me, calling me "Miss Celebrity Singer", and she even told me that I should have sung some lines of one song for the couple! Haha!! ^_^

I hope I wouldn't run in to the old couple again...
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